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Ilm Essentials

Ilm Essential classes offer a curriculum based on the fundamental principles of Islam. The course is designed to teach children not only to read and understand the Quran, but to relate to the Islamic teachings with fiqh, hadith, salah, and duas. This course is called Ilm Essentials because it establishes a strong foundation in Islamic knowledge and beliefs for children.
The goal of the course is provided as a way to instill the love of learning about Islam from a young age. Children will learn how to read Quran, understand the Arabic alphabet, learn daily du'as, learn and memorize hadith, and the pillars of Islam. Children will learn the basics of the religion and learn to enact the teaching of the Prophet (SAW).
After completion of the Weekend Essentials program, students are encouraged to continue their education at Michigan Islamic Institute. Students have two full-time course tracks they could purse. Contact Michigan Islamic Institute for more information.



Classes Start:

12:00  - 2:00 PM

30 DEC

Classes End:

12:00  - 2:00 PM

Location and Class Schedule

    Michigan Islamic Institute                             Masjid Uthman bin Affan

        Saturday  - Sunday                                          Monday - Thursday

          12:00  - 2:00 PM                                                   5:30 - 7:15 pm

Classroom Students


Boys and Girls

Ages 5 and Up

Fees and Deadlines


$75.00 / Month

Course payments are due by 3rd day of beginning of the month.


Usul al-Fiqh

(Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence)



(Prophetic Traditions)

Quran Memorization


Tajweed al-Quran


Tafsir al-Quran




(Prophetic Biography)

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