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Masjid Uthman bin Affan has designed multiple programs that consists of religious and secular educational programs tailored for all students. The curriculum will enhance the students abilities to comprehend and apply a vast array of fields in Islam and academics, helping them develop to their fullest potential. Masjid Uthman bin Affan faculty of Islamic education offers three main tracks:


  • Full time Hifz-ul-Quran with Academics

(Memorization of  the Holy Qur’an)

  • Full time Alim course with Academics

(Extensive Islamic studies) 

  • Maktaab classes for boys and girls

Our programs are offered for young students throughout the week, allowing for access for religious and secular knowledge whenever its best suited for our students. The programs establish a strong foundation in Islamic knowledge and beliefs. As the student grows and adjusts to the rigor of studying and learning, we offer them more advanced studies and courses.
We offer three distinct programs for our students, all centered around developing and propagating the Islamic knowledge and developing academic foundation. To enroll in one of our programs, please fill out the "Online Application" available for the program you would like to register. We will then contact you regarding student registration and confirmation. We appreciate your interest and support in Masjid Uthman bin Affan academic programs!

Our Programs


Michigan Islamic Institute

Founded in 2012, Michigan Islamic Institute provides an opportunity for students, in the United States, to learn their religion and teach others. Michigan Islamic Institute Academic offers a Aalim and Tahfeezul Quran program with state certified Academics (Grade 5 -12) in Warren, Michigan.​ Our mission is to provide an Islamic and academic foundation to our students where they can become life-long leaders all across North America. Our goal is to preserve the upcoming generations in North America by educating them with Islamic and secular education. We see our students and graduates becoming leaders, activists, counselors, scholars, and most of all role models for our communities.

Miftaah Institute

In 2015, Miftaah Institute was established in Warren, Michigan to empower and educate people through an accessible and an approachable platform. Miftaah offers a part-time Aalim course provided for the members of our community who are students and/or adults that are interested in learning about Islam, his messengers, his books, and the language of the Quran, but are limited in their time. Miftaah Institute aims to preserve the practice of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and His beloved companions by teaching and learning Ilm (knowledge) in a sacred manner. Miftaah Institute exists to prepare future leaders in communities that preserve and serve this sacred religion.

Muneer Academy

Muneer Academy was established in 2018 to provide an opportunity for children to learn their religion and teach others. At our academy, students experience an academic environment that is centered around Allah ﷻ in Warren, Michigan. Muneer Academy's offers a two-track program with full-time academics for grades 3  - 12.  Our academic and Islamic staff are indivdiuals who are fully accredited and qualified teachers. We not only meet all the core requirements, but we also encourage our students to excel at their highest potential by providing opportunities and routes for our students to further their education by attending colleges and universities. 

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